What I'm Feeling is Okay!


A Book About Emotions


Parents or caretakers of young children know that their little bodies can often come with BIG emotions! 


While there are many books currently on the market about emotions, many don’t talk about the physical symptoms of what an emotion might feel like (anxiety could be a tummy-ache, or your face getting hot could be anger). They also don’t talk about concrete ways that kids can handle these emotions.  


Your children will be able to learn about all of these things and more, in my book, “What I’m Feeling is Okay! A Book About Emotions”. 

With vivid illustrations and catchy rhymes, this book will engage kids and help teach them some extremely important skills!

Mother of three young kids


I absolutely love the message this picture book shares. It is so necessary to talk about emotions often and early with our kiddos... this book captures that perfectly.

Preschool teacher

What I'm Feeling
is Okay!


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