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Follow a little boy through his morning routine as he gets ready for school and encounters tons of emotions along the way! Through playful rhymes and engaging illustrations, learn about what the boy is feeling, as well as what he can do whenever he feels that way. All emotions are okay! We just have to understand them, too.


What I’m Feeling is Okay! is a rhyming picture book for young children, with a target age being between 2 and 7 years old. The story encourages emotional intelligence and emotional regulation, important skills that kids need not only for academic standards but for life in general. 


As a former elementary teacher and a mother to two young boys, I know how important it is to have discussions with our children about emotions early and often. These talks must range from being able to identify certain feelings when they are younger, to knowing what to do with these feelings as they get older.

For a signed copy, purchase directly from the author here!

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