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“This is a fantastic book that describes various common emotions and scenarios that children go through in their day-to-day lives in a relatable way. With beautiful illustrations and fun rhymes, it includes important elements that can open up discussions about feelings and their role in our lives. It references how emotions are present in our bodies, which is a crucial thing to learn so that children can start to develop more self-awareness and, subsequently, self-regulation. 


The mother character featured in the book is also a call for parents to be supportive and nonjudgmental when their children show different emotions. The author discusses a key message of how feelings always change, and they don’t stay the same forever. The author also brilliantly ends the book with bonus activities that therapists, parents, or other family members can do with the children to promote further discussion about feelings. 


I would highly recommend this book to any therapist working with children and families as well as to any parent wanting to enhance their children’s emotional development.”

—Diana M Loaiza Tangarife, licensed marriage and family therapist and registered play therapist

“This book does an excellent job of representing a wide variety of feelings and normalizing how young children often experience these common emotions. The hands-on activities provided at the end of the book offer great ways to put these feelings into practice in a developmentally appropriate manner. I highly recommend this book!“

-Margaret Stearns, MSW, LICSW

“This book addresses the causes of—and the body's reactions to—basic emotions. These both are important pieces of helping kids recognize, understand, and begin to regulate their own emotions. 


The refrain of “and feeling [emotion] is okay” gives parents a quick tagline to use (think Daniel Tiger songs) when their child finds themself in a heavily emotional state of any kind. This book gives some ideas for helping deal with the emotion but also leaves it open to having a discussion about what would help the child in each case. 


With bright eye-catching illustrations and playful rhymes, it’s sure to become a household and classroom favorite!”

-Lauren Schefman, Kindergarten teacher


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